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Making the Most of Digital Marketing

You successfully defeated Mother Nature yesterday. You moved 12.5 inches of snow. You worked10 hours with the snowblower. You used three tanks of gas. Just doing the math at night is exhausting. You cleared countless square feet and dug people out, but most importantly you had the energy to take care of the spaces around your home. And while you were working, your dog was having the time of his life. As the snow pile you created grew higher, your dog was an even taller King of the Mountain. For your furry friend, your efforts confirmed upon him his elevated place in your family and your home.
About three miles from your home, however, your in-laws apartment remained untouched. A complex for 55 year old and plus residents, the upscale complex was not scooped or plowed. You could not believe the parking lot and sidewalk look this way a full 48 hours after the snow had stopped and there is no one in the office to talk to about it. You had to deliver groceries and medicine because you

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