Guess Which Marketing Strategy Beats Out Social Media?

Best seo reselling approaches

What is SEO? Everyone keeps talking about it, from Internet savvies to up and coming modern businesses, but deciding exactly what it is can be difficult. Is it a marketing technique? Is it a new and strategic approach to customers? To make it simple: it’s all of the above and more! SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and uses a combination of trending keywords and popular search engines to better connect with wide audiences all across the country. Whether using SEO for your business or selling it to businesses, everybody stands to benefit from the best the Internet has to offer!

Marketing You Should Avoid

While it can be tempting to go for old-fashioned methods of reaching your audience, customers can prefer certain types of marketing over others. For example, it’s been found that a stunning 80% of Internet users will ignore paid ads entirely! Common issues, such as flashing lights and loud sounds, are often cited as to why organic results are much preferred over conventional methods. SEO is more subtle than your average pop-up and is explicitly designed so customers will seek these ads out themselves.

Finding A Great SEO Reseller

Did you know that over 100 billion global searches are conducted every month? That’s a lot of people to potentially give your business a boost! SEO creates simple and informative articles that redirect customers to your site of choice, so taking advantage of this trendy and useful service is as simple as finding an SEO reseller. When at least 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, you’d be remiss to give this flourishing and modern strategy a pass! So how can you sell these services?

Selling SEO Services

If you want to sell SEO to other companies you need to have a background in marketing and writing. Businesses are extremely keen on reaching as many people as possible and circumventing common pitfalls, so make sure to stress the straightforward and organic approach of SEO over other models, such as classic print, newspaper and animated advertising. Even social media, which many companies are turning to, falls behind SEO by a whopping 300% in website traffic! Whether it’s finding a great SEO reseller or becoming one yourself, you’ll have a lot to gain by joining the most modern and innovative form of marketing around.

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